A matou mihi

Here’s some fantastic work from students at Point England School. They are sharing their mihi with students from around the world in a collaborative project called Rock Our World

The mihi, implemented in the Flickr space, lets students connect with a wide audience – “weaving us together in the one house at the one time”.

Students brainstorm their story concept, create a storyboard or mockup, create and source images, and draft a title, description and rollover notes to tell their story. Students have to consider carefully the images and text that they choose to represent themselves. Students reflect on each others’ mihi and respond to comments made by their peers and other visitors to Flickr. 

Dorothy Burt, one of the teachers at Point England School, tells me that students are taught about tagging their work so that others can find it, to show interest in the work of others if they want others to be interested in their work, and how to make a productive and informative comment.

Inspiring stuff!

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  1. Carol Anne McGuire
    Aug 09, 2008 @ 14:32:48

    Dorothy Burt is an awesome educator and it was a privilege to work with the students at Point England School! Kiwi kids rock!

    Thanks to all the students who participated in Rock Our World! We, in California, learned so much from them! I especially loved listening to them sing to us… and perform the Haka! :) I tell our Haka story all the time!

    Rock On!
    Carol Anne

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