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National Library – digitalnz.org

Searching 25 million items

DigitalNZ is an initiative led by the National Library to make New Zealand’s digital cultural artefacts easy to find and use. The website harvests content from the collections of over 120 content partners.

It provides a single entry point for users to search and discover more than 25 million vintage photos, posters and memorabilia, newspaper clippings, artworks, and publications. Users can also find out about how to create and manage their own digital content.

Strategic, dynamic thinking

Boost has collaborated closely with the National Library team on this phenomenal and challenging project for over five years.

Our strategic and dynamic thinking has ensured we are always adding value, striving to deliver more for less, and flexibly accommodating changing priorities as they emerge.

We were responsible for the initial design and user experience mapping of the site. We used metaplan techniques to determine how to manage the large number of digital artefacts and create value from the existing metadata.

Behind the scenes, we developed a new server infrastructure, a new, easier-to-maintain API and improved content harvesters.

Into the future

The DigitalNZ project has developed world-leading technology, and the National Library is now seen as a leader in the global trend for making heritage collections accessible online.

The next step is open sourcing and sharing our knowledge. We’ll assist the National Library to work with other organisations around the world to bring their own digital collections to life.