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Maximise your impact with an Agile assessment and action plan

Discussing agile methodology. Discussing agile methodology.

Accelerate your Agile adoption with an independent expert Agile assessment delivering clear steps for immediate action.

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Boost's input has been invaluable and helped us avoid, or at least deal with, many of the challenges we encountered during our transition to Agile.
Des Kelly
Des Kelly
Applications Analysis Manager, Victoria University

Make a bigger impact by delivering more value, more often

Get practical ways to improve quickly and lock in gains.
Maximise the impact of the roles in your organisation.
Assess your Agile maturity and accelerate Agile adoption.
Improve team engagement.
Move from doing Agile to being Agile..

Why get an Agile Accelerator assessment

Observing a team at work during an Agile Accelerator assessment.

Action plan powers change

Our flexible, pragmatic approach focuses on the changes that are possible and powerful. You get an action plan detailing the targeted steps you can take today.

Writing up the results of an Agile Accelerator review.

External review creates clarity

You get an independent perspective from practitioners with extensive Agile experience. We can identify factors only visible from the outside and provide a constructive way forward.

A team at a table checking the results of an Agile Accelerator assessment.

Measurement drives improvement

Along with a rating against each of the Agile Principles, you’ll get an overall Agility score, giving you a benchmark against which to measure future improvements.

Who will benefit

Our Agile assessment and action plan is for anyone who has made the move to Agile and wants to maximise the gains they’re getting.

The Agile Accelerator gives you an objective approach to the Agile principle of reflecting on and improving your practice when you and your team are:

not getting the results you expected
still unsure of roles and responsibilities
feeling stressed or under pressure
slipping back to the old way of doing things
not delivering working solutions early and often.

How the assessment delivers clear priorities

For an Agile assessment to be useful it needs to present a clear path for improvement. We:


observe your team in action


identify the three improvements that offer the biggest benefits


plan the three key steps needed for each of these improvements.
An Agile team discuss work at their Scrum board.

To assess your Agile maturity we:

  • spend two days onsite, attending meetings and assessing team dynamics
  • interview key team members and stakeholders
  • observe team setup and roles
  • inspect Agile artifacts
  • investigate working processes from conception to delivery.

A university takes Agile to the next level

Learn how an Agile assessment helped Victoria University’s Applications Group keep pace with change.

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