Boost’s Guide to being a Kick-ass Product Owner

Everything the Scrum Product Owner needs to know to maximise the value you deliver your customers

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Maximising the value delivered to customers

Make a bigger impact by mastering the Scrum Product Owner role. This practical guide shows how to use Scrum to deliver maximum value, using tools and tips from working Product Owners.

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Jess Limbrick
Jess Limbrick

Product Owner, Life Education

The Guide Covers

  • How Scrum works and how to make it work best for you
  • The responsibilities of the Product Owner role
  • The most effective ways to work with your Scrum Team
  • What to do to get the stakeholder support you need to succeed
  • How to consistently deliver working solutions to your customers.

You’ll learn how to

This easy-to-follow, 109-page PDF will teach you how to:

Get the right people making the right decisions at the right time
Inspire and engage your Scrum Team and your stakeholders
Discover the product your customers are waiting for
Create user stories that deliver working solutions when you need them
Manage your Backlog for maximum value and minimum effort
Constantly improve your product and your processes.

Who it is for

The Product Owner guide is for owners of any product, working in any sector, with any level of experience. Novices will get an easy-to-follow introduction to Scrum and established practitioners will get new perspectives and ideas. The Guide is also for stakeholders, Scrum Masters and people in Development Teams who want to understand how you can best work with your Product Owner. And it’s for anyone wanting to understand how Scrum actually works in practice and what these Product Owner people do all day.


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