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Get 18 practical resources, handpicked to help you make a bigger impact in your Agile, development and leadership work.


Product discovery

Deliver products that delight your customers

Project Kick-off Kit for Agile inception workshops Get your project off to a successful start. The Kit gives you the tools, templates and tips you need for a fun and practical one-day workshop that sets you up to launch into your project the next day.

Google design sprint The Google design sprint is a tightly-structured, tried-and-tested 5-day process for solving big business challenges by designing, prototyping and testing solutions. Learn why, when and how to run one.

Product discovery for Product Owners Product discovery starts with an idea. Here’s how to find out if the idea has real value, and how to get the most value from it if it does.


User stories

Developing effective requirements in Agile

User stories: a beginner’s guide Get an introduction to user stories — what they are, how to write them, why and when to use them — and find out where to get additional resources.

User stories: acceptance criteria Creating clear acceptance criteria can make all the difference to an Agile user story. Get an introduction to writing and using acceptance criteria.

Use cases vs user stories in Agile development Learn what the difference is between use cases and user stories, and how the Scrum process can remove the need to write use cases.


Agile development case studies

Maximise your impact

Complex web application project gets cost-effective solution Merging three archives was a chance to share and celebrate our audiovisual history, but the tight budget made it challenging. Learn how Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision got there.

Two mobile apps in two weeks. Feasible? Yes. Fun? Definitely To showcase Kiwi know-how at their global conference, GS1 NZ needed Android and iOS apps built in two weeks. Find out how they did it.

AnyQuestions: Helping kiwi kids thrive in the information age Learn how a user-centred redesign of the AnyQuestions website is helping set up kids for success in the information age by giving them the skills to learn online.


Product ownership

How to deliver more value

Boost’s Guide to being a Kick-ass Product Owner This practical guide shows you how to make a bigger impact by mastering the Product Owner role in Scrum.

The Product Owner’s guide to working with developers Are you a Product Owner wondering how to get the best from your development team? Find out what gets developers humming.

From good to great product ownership The Product Owner has arguably the most challenging of the roles in the Scrum process. Get tips on how to rise to the challenge.


Organisation development

Build a strong team

Your business purpose: How to discover your organisation’s compass Defining your organisation’s purpose helps ensure you get where you want to go. Find out how to discover what your purpose is, and how to embed it in your organisation.

The Team Charter: Build a better team together Discover how you can create a tight team with a shared understanding and commitment by jointly deciding how you’re going to work together.

Build trust through regular one-on-one meetings with your team A great way to create an inclusive culture and build trust is to have regular one-on-one meetings with the people in your team. Get practical advice on how to make these work well.


Project success

Processes that produce results

Project risk management with Agile Research shows that traditional project risk management is failing. Learn the secrets to reducing risk and delivering successful software development projects with Agile.

5 steps to better value for money in web application development Learn five techniques we’ve found to ensure you get good value for money in web application development.

Waterfall and why it’s not suitable for software development Find out why Agile works better than Waterfall when it comes to software development.