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Boost is a registered supplier for the NZ Government Marketplace

Boost is a registered supplier for the NZ Government Marketplace, with our services listed under the Digital Experience catalogue. This means we are a trusted supplier of services to government, and it is easy to engage Boost to discuss our services and expertise and how we can help deliver your next project.

To maximise the value we deliver our clients, we concentrate on complex challenges that make the best use of our Agile development expertise. Because we continuously deliver working software, you can constantly check you’re getting the solution you and your customers need.

We focus on custom software and applications, not off-the-shelf implementations. Where we build websites and mobile apps, we specialise in those that provide services, not just information. Learn more about how we choose projects that create a positive and lasting impact.

The result: Digital relationships with your customers that deliver the impact you need.

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Rachael Moore

We specialise in bespoke:


Web application development

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Ruby on rails software development

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Mobile application development

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UX, UI and user testing

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Our software, web application and mobile app development services

We offer full-stack development services, including:

information architecture

Information architecture


Content design

user insight

User insight

Agile project management

Front-end development

Application testing

Application testing

Visual Design

Visual Design

code editor

Front-end development

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Back-end development

change management

Change management


Native application development

Analytics and search engine optimisation

Analytics and search engine optimisation

Our Flexible Agile approach

Our 5-step Agile development process delivers more value with less risk. It guarantees our constant attention to great design and technical excellence. We deliver your project in stages so you can confirm, at the end of each stage, that we are building what you need. Working closely with you is how we consistently deliver quality, on time and to budget.

1. Understand your business

Clients tell us that what we do best is apply our creative thinking to their business. We think through the strategic implications of every project to find the best way forward. We find out about who you are and what you want to achieve, and what will engage and appeal to your customers. We identify a solution that will deliver a compelling online experience.

2. Build in prioritised stages

We move iteratively through short cycles of design, architecture, development, testing and deployment to deliver your project in stages. We solve your highest priority features first and deliver potentially shippable software at the end of each stage. Each stage adds more and more features, which you get to approve as they are built. For complex web applications, we use Ruby on Rails so we can iterate rapidly. Our focus is on software craftsmanship. We put comprehensive test programmes in place from the start, using test-driven and behaviour-driven development and peer programming to make quality visible.

3. Measure success

Seeing working software at the end of each stage lets you confirm that we are on track and building what you need.

It lets us test our assumptions and validate our solution using usability tests, conversion metrics and other tools to measure the value and appeal of what we’ve built.

4. Improve and finalise

Using the results of your review and our testing, we refine our understanding of what your customer needs. You get to identify where to channel our efforts in the next phase of development.

We repeat this cycle of build, measure and learn until you’re satisfied that we’ve designed the right product and delivered the best results.

5. Launch and promote

Now it’s time to celebrate! It’s also time for us to strengthen your online presence with digital and content marketing, SEO and PR. We can also build on your success with a strategy for the next phase of your project.

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