Two of the developers at Wellington mobile app development company Boost.

Mobile app development that delivers rapid results

Work with the award-winning Wellington mobile app development company

Two of the developers at Wellington mobile app development company Boost.

Mobile app development that delivers rapid results

Work with the award-winning Wellington mobile app development company

A successful mobile app lets you serve your customers any time, any place. But if your app doesn’t provide real benefits to real customers it’s just money down the drain. At Boost, we use our Agile expertise to rapidly build your app in prioritised stages, so you can confirm as you go that you’re giving your customers just what they need.

The result is a mobile app that gives you a real relationship with your customers, really fast.

We were really impressed with the process, the people, and how the project was envisaged.
Peter Stevens
Peter Stevens
Chief Executive, GS1 New Zealand

Rapid mobile app development that delivers results

SuperGold logo.

Strong, independent seniors finding savings anywhere, anytime

Mobile apps for IoS and Android phones

Web application

Application programming interface (API)

Project duration: 5 months

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Mock-ups showing the SuperGold mobile app on a mobile device.
A senior sitting in a café using the SuperGold mobile app on a tablet.

The Ministry of Social Development wanted to help seniors find relevant SuperGold deals regardless where or when they’re looking.

The new SuperGold digital experience exceeded expectations. The app has had more than 120,000 downloads, taking it to the top of New Zealand app stores. Over a million deals have been viewed, helping more seniors stay strong and independent by stretching their dollar further.

“The new SuperGold app and website make it easy to find discounts and specials near you or wherever you plan to be.” – Waitara Alive community group



App in New Zealand

GS1 New Zealand logo.

Showcasing Kiwi know-how on the global stage

Mobile apps for IoS and Android phones


Project duration: Under a month

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Using GS1 New Zealand's mobile app at the GS1 conference.
Montage of iBeacons and phones showing the GS1 mobile app.

With world-leading technology to share, GS1 New Zealand wanted to build a mobile game to showcase their product-recall systems at the global GS1 conference.

A very tight budget required an intense focus on only the highest priority features needed to create an engaging game. Once the conference got underway, it was clear that attendees were hooked on the game, and were sold on the systems it showcased.

“We got the message out. We didn’t disappoint our global audience that expected Kiwis to do something different. Not just was the project delivered well, we had fun doing it.” – Peter Stevens



Countries adopting product-recall guidelines

What kind of mobile app do I need?

Once you start digging into the world of mobile app development, it’s clear there are lots of options. We can help you pick the right approach.

Hybrid vs. native mobile app development

Native mobile apps are built for a specific mobile device operating system. That means iOS for Apple devices or Android for the rest. Hybrid apps are built to work on both Apple and Android devices, using cross-platform frameworks like Ionic or Flutter.

Native apps used to have a performance edge but Flutter has closed that gap.

It’s much cheaper and faster to develop one hybrid app than it is to develop two separate Android and iOS apps. As a result, hybrid apps are the best way to go in most situations.

Progressive web application vs. mobile app development

Where mobile apps are installed on the device, progressive web applications run in the browser.

A progressive web application works well if you want people to be able to use your app on both mobile and desktop. Maybe some of your customers prefer desktop to mobile, or maybe you want an admin tool so your team can update content in the app themselves.

Progressive web applications are also quicker to get up and running because there’s no waiting for app store approval; users can just download the app from your website.

On the other hand, mobile apps offer:

  • the visibility and credibility you get from a listing in the app stores
  • better ability to meet very high performance demands
  • access to mobile platform analytics and customer feedback such as app store reviews.

Website vs. mobile app development

Maybe you don’t even need a mobile app. If your customers are going to be viewing content more than completing tasks, then a responsive website optimised for mobile might be a better bet.

APIs and mobile app development

You may also need an API to integrate your app with the rest of your digital services, so you can keep the data and experience consistent, or to give you access to a separate admin interface.

Find out what kind of mobile app you need

Why pick Boost as your mobile app developers

Some of the team at Boost.

You’ll be collaborating with a team that gets a kick out of getting you close to your customers, fast.

Working in short iterations, we’ll quickly deliver working software you can test and refine, giving you constant visibility of progress and risk.

We’ll guide you through each step along the way, making sure we deliver the solution that is right for you and your customers, creating a digital relationship that delivers value for years to come.

Our Agile mobile app development process

Boost are globally-recognised experts in Agile development. We’ve spent 14 years testing and improving our Agile tools and processes, applying what we learned in our projects and our popular resources.

Discussing what was learned in a mobile app discovery project.

Discovery workshop crystallises customer outcomes

We kick off your project with a free discovery workshop. This creates a clear understanding of the outcomes needed to create a lasting connection with your customers.

Customised to your specific project, this workshop lets you:

  • align your stakeholders behind a shared vision of success
  • identify key customer groups and the benefits you’ll deliver them
  • build user insights
  • define priorities
  • map out how you’ll achieve your outcomes.

Secure your free discovery workshop

The discovery workshop was the key to starting our project on the right foot.
Rocky Webster
Two Boost developers collaborating on a mobile app.

Collaboration reduces risk

Working with Boost, you become part of the development team. Together you deliver the project in prioritised stages. This lets you check and make changes to working software, ensuring you get just what you need.

Because you’re part of the team, you always have a clear view of progress. You have continuous visibility on work completed and remaining, budget spent and left, bugs found and fixed, and obstacles identified and resolved. And, importantly, you get to check how well your app is meeting customer needs through user testing and reviews. This makes it easy to identify and mitigate any risk that your project will miss the mark.

I was really impressed with Boost. Nothing was too much trouble. It felt like they were part of the exercise, rather than a supplier.
Graeme Harris
Streetwise Coffee
A designer and a developer working on a mobile app development project at Boost.

Iterative mobile app design cuts costs

Our mobile app design process cuts the cost of getting it right.

Our designers and developers work closely with you to build lo-fi working wireframes. These are regularly user tested. Once the bulk of the features are in place we complete a whole-of-app UX review. Together, the UX review and user testing guide our graphic design phase. Here we create a compelling user experience that enhances your customers’ connection with your brand.

By not reworking hi-fi designs while we're refining usability, we save you time and money.

We needed it to look good and be easy to use. Having designers part of the project you end up with something that’s aesthetically more elegant and interesting.
Peter Stevens
GS1 New Zealand
A class discussion at Boost Agile training.

Support and training helps you harness the power of Agile

Your project will be supported by a dedicated Agile coach and we’ll give you free Agile training. As the only Wellington mobile app development company offering ICAgile and PMI-certified Agile training, we’re able to ensure you get the most from the process.

Boost was the perfect setting to see Agile in action and are a company that truly live and breathe an Agile way of doing things.
Jess Limbrick
Life Education

The award-winning Wellington mobile app development company

Accepting our Team Gold Award.

Boost’s award-winning culture means you work with a team who love helping clients have a bigger impact.

We won the Team Gold Award for the way we’ve built a top-performing team aligned behind a common purpose: Supporting others to create a positive and lasting impact. We’re also the only Wellington mobile application development company certified as a freedom-centred workplace.

This means the Boost team only chooses projects that achieve our purpose. As a result, you’re working with mobile app designers and developers who are passionate about your project, pro-actively working to give you the best possible outcomes.

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