DrupalSouth Presentation

By Paul in Development on February 01, 2010

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DrupalSouth, an annual gathering of Drupal people from around New Zealand, happened over the long weekend here in Wellington.

The venue was Mac’s Brewery; a great location on the Wellington waterfront, a good venue for a conference of this size and of course geeks love good beer, it’s a fact.

Alastair (a fellow Boost developer) and I presented a talk on beginning Drupal module development at one of two Sunday morning red-eye sessions. Our presentation focused on getting people started with Drupal module development. The intention was to give simple examples of how you can tap into Drupal hooks and other elements of the API, such as the Form API.

Pitching a technical talk to beginners is always difficult depending on the background of the audience, hopefully it’s simple enough to understand while giving enough information for those who are raring to go.

The presentation slides and our sample code are available to download.

Any feedback will be appreciated, please feel free to comment.