User testing workshop for EYC conference

By courtney in Other on April 28, 2011

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Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be running a user-testing workshop at the Engage Your Community conference here in Wellington. This will be the third EYC gathering I’ve presented at, and I’m really looking forward to it.

The workshop is called ‘Fast and Cheap Usability’. It’s targeted at people who haven’t done user testing before, and aims to give an overview of different techniques for testing different things, all of which can be undertaken at little cost (except for time: I will be emphasising that good user testing takes quite a bit of time: to recruit participants, to craft the tests, to run the tests, and to interpret and apply the results).

It’s a hands-on workshop, focused on getting people to try out the user testing techniques for themselves. We’re going to:

I’ll also be promising people some useful links, so here they are. Some of them go back a few years (the article on card sorting – still my favourite introduction to the topic – is from 2004) but these have been gathered for people relatively new to user-testing:

Staying up to date:

And I was inspired by content strategist Kristina Halvorson and user testing expert Christine Perfetti when putting together the workshop – you should definitely put some time aside to check out their presentations from Webstock this year.

Kristina Halvorson on Content/Communication

Christine Perfetti on Adventurous Usability Techniques