The Treasure Island Retrospective

By Paul

21 June 2013 (Last updated 23 January 2020)


A team enjoying their Retrospective.

This short video demonstrates how to run a retrospective we devised and ran for one of our Scrum teams. We’re really chuffed with the response to this retro: the video has had over 30,000 views so far.

It uses the 5 stages of a retrospective described by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen in their book Agile Retrospectives. These are:

  1. Setting the Stage
  2. Gathering Data
  3. Generating Insight
  4. Deciding What to Do
  5. Close Out.

It asks the team to go in search of their treasure on Treasure Island, using their strengths to overcome any obstacles they might find on the way.  We hope you enjoy and thanks for reading/watching.

If you use this, we’d love to hear your experiences or any other opinions and thoughts you’d like to share with us about this retrospective.

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