Boost’s 5 trends for 2017

By Sarah

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The team at Boost has polished the crystal ball and compiled 5 top trends to give you a glimpse of what we might expect next year, based on what happened in this one. Understanding these trends will help you stay tuned to your customers’ expectations and capitalise on new opportunities. What do you think will define 2017?

1. Agile is the new black

Many more teams – in technology and across other industries and functions – have adopted an Agile mindset to deliver more value faster. Agile in government is on the rise, although the wheels turn slowly. In 2017, knowledge of Agile will be a job requirement. Organisations will recognise that the right culture and mindset is essential for Agile to be a success.

2. Big data for new insights

Analytics and big data are changing the way companies do business and solve complex problems. We’ll need a get a grip on how to manage and analyse ever-increasing flows of data to get the insights we need to transform our organisations and improve our digital relationships with customers.

3. AR and VR gets real

Augmented reality and virtual reality finally delivered hardware and content to consumers. As the cost falls (fun fact: your iPhone 6 would have cost 5 trillion dollars in 1984, and it would not have been portable), adoption will rise, revolutionising the way we interact with software. Next year, movie and TV studios – with professional sports at the leading edge – will deliver new experiments in AR and VR storytelling, as well as an inevitable slew of marketing tie-ins.

4. Machines and humans working together

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will make great strides in 2017. No one will be surprised when you speak to your devices. There will continue to be ups and downs, just as there has been this year (think Amazon’s Echo and IBM’s Watson, and then Microsoft’s AI Twitter bot) as technology companies push the envelope.

5. 5 billion customers

In late 2015, Google predicted the world’s online population would double by 2020 to 5 billion, leading to a tremendous period of growth for the technology sector. We’ve already reached 3.5 billion people accessing the internet – here’s a live counter that makes for strangely compelling viewing …

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