The Agile Project Kick-off Kit

By Nick Butler


An Agile project kick-off activity at Boost.

Fast, fun and fiercely focused on your customers’ priorities; in Agile you kick off a project the way you plan to carry on.

Get the Agile Project Kick-off Kit as a handy 39-page PDF. Based on this blog post series, it’s been revised and expanded, giving you the tools you need to get your project off to a successful start.

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Is your internal team about to start an Agile project? Maybe you wonder what to expect when you start working with an Agile development company? Find out how a Project Kick-off workshop can set you on course to deliver a product your customers will love to use.

About the Kick-off Kit

This post is the first in a series detailing tools and templates you can use for a Project Kick-off. In later posts we run through an example agenda showing how and why we use these tools and templates (and look at other options worth considering). The kit covers the approaches that work for us; you’ll be able to experiment and find what works for you.

Sample Project Kick-off agenda

  • Vision presentation
  • Press release
  • Elevator pitch
  • Success sliders
  • Personas
  • Story mapping
  • Prioritising
  • Story writing
  • Team charter

It’s just a sample because different projects need different agendas. Bigger projects are likely to require longer and more involved Kick-offs for example, or, if the team hasn’t worked together before, you might spend more time on icebreaker exercises. And, because continuous improvement is at the heart of Agile, we’re always trying out new tools and techniques.

The purpose of the Project Kick-off

An Agile Project Kick-off is designed to:

  • build a shared understanding of the Project Vision: what you’ll deliver for your organisation and your customers
  • bond the team as a collaborative unit aligned behind the Vision
  • ruthlessly prioritise only those elements that will deliver these outcomes
  • let you set expectations about what will be delivered within your organisation
  • do all this quickly with a view to delivering a working product as soon as possible.

It’s often the first time people have met so it’s a chance to get to know each other. Everyone has input and works together to give the project the soundest foundation possible.

Who comes to the kick-off?

The guest list is all about combining your organisation’s customer insights with the technical expertise of the development team. You’ll want:

  • the Product Owner
  • stakeholders who understand the customers
  • some real live customers if possible
  • the team (everyone needed to do the work and no-one who isn’t)
  • the facilitator (often an Agile Coach or Scrum master)

Like the Product Owner, the stakeholders from your organisation should have a really good idea about what your customers are going to want from the product and what problems you’re trying to solve.

This means the best candidates are often people who regularly deal with customers, like your call centre, help desk, front of house or sales mavens. These people are also most likely to be able to recruit actual customers to come along. User research or analytics experts are also good candidates. If you can get diverse bunch, all the better. The Kick-off makes use of the Wisdom of Crowds and the wisest crowds are often the most diverse. Most importantly, whoever attends needs to be engaged, open to all ideas and ready to contribute.

You’ll also want to make sure the whole team has a shared understanding of Agile.

Product owner brings the vision

For the Product Owner, the most important prep is getting ready to present the Product Vision: how the product helps deliver your organisations’ strategic goals, and how it helps your customers, now and in the future. How does the product enhance your digital relationships with your customers?

The team will ask questions and this starts the conversation that will continue throughout the project. The importance of the Vision to the Kick-off underlines the level of involvement a successful product owner will have with the project and it’s a good prompt for you to clear your calendar for the daily 15 minute standups you’ll be having once the project starts.

You might like to check out Roman Pichler’s tips for coming up with a vision.

What’s in a name?

You might also see the Project Kick-off called things like Project Discovery, Project Initiation and Project Inception. We go with Kick-off because Discovery seems too narrow, Initiation too reminiscent of painful rites of passage and, ever since the movie came out, Inception too synonymous with turning your brain to spaghetti.

We also like the way Kick-off conjures up the pleasures and rewards of team sport. “Project kick-offs are exciting things to be part of,” says our Agile Lead Gavin, “they’re lots of fun.”

The Kick-off Kit

  1. Introduction to the Agile Project Kick-off Kit
  2. Project Kick-off Agenda: Running the workshop
  3. Product Vision presentations that inspire
  4. Press Release template and tips
  5. Elevator Pitch template and tips
  6. Pragmatic Personas template and tips
  7. User Story Mapping
  8. Prioritise user stories and produce more value sooner
  9. Success Sliders
  10. User stories: a beginner’s guide
  11. The Team Charter: Build a better team together
  12. Kick-off kit in brief: The discovery workshop made simple

Get the Agile Project Kick-off Kit as a handy 39-page PDF. Based on this blog post series, it’s been revised and expanded, giving you the tools you need to get your project off to a successful start.

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