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By Nick Butler

18 December 2017


Boost News is our fortnightly email newsletter. It’s our way of sharing what we’ve learnt as Agile coaches and trainers, as web and app developers, and as a freedom-centred workplace.

Boost News offers Agile tools and tips, case studies on developing digital tools that get you closer to your customers, ideas for making your organisation work better, upcoming events, and anything else we think will help you make a bigger impact. Plus you’ll get the latest on what’s happening here at Boost HQ.

If you want to learn more about anything covered in the newsletter, or you have feedback or suggestions, please contact us.

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17 December 2019 — *<[:{) Best Xmas movies and music, Boost jobs, and beyond

The best way to do a cloud migration, building an Agile mindset, the best Xmas entertainment and jobs at Boost.

Boost News 3 December — Why try new things (and some new things to try)

Do you want to ensure your project delivers the impact you need? Learn a new way we’re trying, along with new opportunities for NZ not-for-profits, interesting experiments in digital heritage and new Agile courses.


19 November 2019 – How to deliver benefits day after day

Deliver benefits every day: Be a top product owner, build Agile delivery skills, and get involved with inspiring conferences. And, at the end of the day, celebrate success at the Beehive!

5 November 2019 – Learning on the job

The machines are coming for your job. Find out how to build the skills that will keep them at bay, how you can join us at Boost and how machine learning works. Plus, get guidance on improving your user stories.

22 October 2019 – Making things better — SuperGold; security; software projects

Make things better! Better cyber security, better discovery workshops, better software development projects and how building better tools for seniors produced the no. 1 app in NZ.

8 October 2019 – Tool to help you make the right decisions

The toolkit issue: Get a simple decision-making tool, plus learn about a toolkit for creative communities, how to build your Agile toolkit and our new Agile Coach.

1 October 2019 – How to get your next development project off the ground

Find out how to successfully launch software development projects. Get guidance on preparation, scheduling and working through capacity limitations.

24 September 2019 – Ensure project success — step-by-step guide

A step-by-step guide to ensuring project success, the low-down on technology for charities and NGOs, and the highlight of our time with the high-fliers.

10 September 2019 – Tool to help you manage project risk

Get advice from Dr. Agile, a video on how to help people in the way that makes you happiest, and an Agile risk management checklist.


27 August 2019 – Working successfully with stakeholders on Agile projects

How to get the Agile edge, work successfully with stakeholders and lift your happiness at work. You’ll also learn what’s coming up at the National Digital Forum.

13 August 2019 – Developing ideal team players in Agile

Find out why we’ve been using Patrick Lencioni’s model for building strong teams in our hiring and learn about Boost’s plan for the future.

30 July 2019 – The user story resources suite

Here’s a suite of resources to help you get more from user stories. Plus find out what the National Business Review said about Boost recently, where to learn more about the new government web standards and why Boost won our Gold Award.

16 July 2019 – 50 Shades of Grey goes Agile

Learn how the “50 Shades of Grey” design process delivers more value by cutting the cost of change. Plus, check out the NZBusiness feature on Boost: how do you design your business to create a positive impact?

2 July 2019 – What’s new in our world

Learn the latest internet trends, welcome two new Boosters and see the Mona Lisa come to life.

18 June 2019 – Key steps to success

Get an Elevator Pitch guide and template, and learn about the 8 secrets to success. We also look at Archives’ digital transformation and the Wellington Gold Awards.

4 June 2019 – Producing productive teams

Growing team engagement; using the new government website design system; securing training. Plus, head Booster Nathan D hits the news.


21 May 2019 – Producing work you’re proud of

Learn how to: lock in quality and value; build websites all kiwis can easily use; plant trees while you work. And, find out how you can create a workplace culture that delivers results.

7 May 2019 – How to get better all the time

Find out how to make sure you’re constantly improving what you do and what you deliver. Watch a TED talk on getting better at the things that matter. Get the latest on project management from the PMI. And get tips on making sure your work keeps your customers satisfied.

23 April 2019 – Discovering success

Get a step-by-step guide to running project discovery workshops. Plus, experience the sights and sounds of The Great War and delve into the surprises that lie in store on DigitalNZ.

9 April 2019 – Checklist for maximising value

Discover the secrets of effective acceptance criteria, watch the magic of one piece flow in action and find out what the Nielsen Norman 2019 Best Intranets report has to say.

26 March 2019 – How to do more by doing less

This issue of Boost News is all about making changes for the better. Learn how Wellington has changed over the past 100 years, how changing the amount of work you have on the go can power up your productivity and how changes to the government DNS platform affect state agencies. Plus, say bonjour to the latest Booster.

12 March 2019 – What Pixar can teach product owners

What can Product Owners learn from Pixar? Find out in our new-look newsletter. Plus, check out our new one-stop shop for Product Owners, meet our Agile coaches, and learn when Ruby on Rails is right for you.


27 February 2019 – Have you secured development resource for your project?

Learn about the planning support and discovery workshops that Boost can provide for your next software development project. And find out how you can lock in the resource you need.

26 February 2019 – Marie Kondo goes Agile: How to create a product that sparks joy

What happens when Marie Kondo meets Agile? Find out how to create a product that sparks joy. Plus, get case studies on reducing batch size and nailing next-level Agile practice, and learn how to take your career global.

12 February 2019 – Search made simple, job vacancy, Valentine’s Day the Agile way

Find out how to make your data work harder by building a single search tool. Learn about the developer role we’re looking to fill and meet the newest Booster. And, crucially, find out how to avoid Valentine’s Day disasters.

29 January 2019 – The secrets of: reducing batch size, sleeping anytime and Google Ad Grants

Find out how to get your product to market faster by shrinking your batches. Plus, learn the tricks US fighter pilots use to get to sleep anytime, and Google Ad Grants — are you eligible?

15 January 2019 – Agile risk management, top 3 resources, new web standards

Learn the secrets to delivering successful projects with Agile, get our top 3 resources for 2018 and review the new web standards.



18 December 2018 – *<[:{) Christmas goodies, rewarding work and happy product owners

Our Christmas newsletter includes a bunch of festive goodies. Find out how you can make work more rewarding and less risky, and learn what makes Product Owners happy. Plus, discover the top Christmas movies and songs, and find out what charities really like you to donate when you want to spread Christmas cheer.

4 December 2018 – 5 tips for better brainstorms, visualising risk, fun at NDF and our new resource

Learn how to supercharge your brainstorms, visualise and manage risk, and get discounts on Agile training. Plus get your copy of our new one-stop guide to being a Product Owner.


20 November 2018 – How to maximise quality & value, keep computers honest & help with homework

Discover how to use Agile tools to get the transparency you need to deliver quality and value. Learn what we need to do to keep algorithms and AIs fair and transparent. And find out what’s happening with a popular service that helps kids with their schoolwork.

6 November 2018 – Less risk, more employee engagement, a few awards & lots of procrastination

This issue includes a case study on reducing project risk, a way to grow employee engagement and tips on procrastination. And there’s also news on exciting awards we’ve won. Woo hoo!

23 October 2018 – Priorities for success, tools for GLAM & donations for nonprofits

Learn how you can get more value from your projects with less risk. Plus, find out how the GLAM sector can get more exposure and nonprofits can get more donations.

9 October 2018 – Agile reviews, research revolutions & kitchen fails

Find out how to leverage what you learn. To this end you can check out an Agile review and a case study on adapting to change and revolutionising research. Also, we share some lessons from kitchen catastrophes.

25 September 2018 – Lego at work, Google at 20, The Spinoff at DigitalNZ

Learn how Lego led our strategy session, how The Spinoff recommends you find cool Kiwi content, and how Google came to conquer the world.

11 September 2018 – Using complexity, serious fun, space school

In this issue, Dave Snowdon brings complexity theory to management, Otago Museum brings space to school and coaches bring serious games to Agile training.


28 August 2018 – Accessibility tips, Instagram fun, light-touch leadership, gamified apps

Learn how to win with accessibility and wow crowds at conferences. And find out how to have fun on Instagram and guide your team without giving all the answers.

14 August 2018 – Food detectives, force multipliers, Facebook and Agile fails

Find out why the Life Education Trust is training food detectives, where Facebook took “move fast and break things”, when smaller is better and how to multiply your impact.

31 July 2018 – Creative communities, software deals, success measures

Read about saving money on development, an exclusive leadership workshop, gauging success the Agile way and new crew at Boost. In addition, get Jacinda Ardern’s take on creative communities.

17 July 2018 – Kick-off kit plus, brain work, World Cup forecasts, new retros

What to do before and after your project Kick-off, how to make your brain work better, taking your Agility to the next level and who was best at picking the FIFA World Cup, humans or AIs.

3 July 2018 – Social development, GDPR & privacy, new Auditor-General report

How the EU’s GDPR data privacy rules will affect us in NZ, helping Kiwis thrive with MSD’s Check What You Can Get tool, and the NDFNZ conference, and a new Auditor-General report. Also, the benefits of learning Agile in a working Agile studio.

19 June 2018 – New vacancies, new faces, new user story guide

This issue of Boost News is all about, well, news: new vacancies, a new user story guide and a new face joining the team. Plus learn about Google’s free G Suite for nonprofits.

5 June 2018 – Clouds, Jacinda, happiness, discovery, entrepreneurs

Jacinda Ardern recently launched the results of work Boost has done with CreativeNZ. Learn about this, product discovery, choosing Cloud providers and how to buy happiness.


22 May 2018 – Boost vacancy, happiness hacks, AI, Scrum stakeholders

A new job vacancy at Boost, happiness hacks from neuroscience, how to work with stakeholders in Scrum and July’s ITx conference. And a look at Artificial Intelligence in New Zealand.

8 May 2018 – Netball, new Boosters, Team Charter, State of Agile

Meet the new Boosters, find out how to build a better team with a Team Charter and learn the secrets of Boost’s netball success. Plus see what’s happening at TechWeek NZ and check out the latest State of Agile report.

24 April 2018 – Top posts, IT savings, Scrum case study & WorldBlu

Learn what winning WorldBlu certification means to us, how NGOs can save money on IT and when having more than one Product Owner might work in Scrum. Plus check out Boost’s top blog posts of 2017.

10 April 2018 – Blockchain, successful teams, IT market, free workshops

Build successful Scrum teams. Use blockchain to create trust. Compare our Agile training options. Learn what’s happening with the new government IT Marketplace. Find out how you might be able to get a free project kick-off workshop. And get your own DIY kick-off workbook.

27 March 2018 – Scrum, the Cloud & open Kiwi content

In this Boost News: State of the Cloud report, how to access Kiwi content free, Google Design Sprint Facilitator’s Handbook from Sprint book author Jake Knapp. On top of that, our practical Scrum primer series kicks off.

13 March 2018 – Digital charities, developing leaders & delighting Google

View a new report on how the nonprofit and NGO sector in NZ and Oz can make best use of digital technology. Also, learn about training for public sector leaders available from the government’s Leadership Development Centre.


27 February – Product discovery, purposeful organisations, & more

Product discovery resources, how defining your organisation’s purpose delivers results, the NZ Government Digital Service Standards, and more.

13 February 2018 – How to make an impact

Want to ramp up the impact you have? The latest issue of Boost News looks at how to increase your impact through things like Agile training, choosing your clients, public good projects and asking three key questions before running a Google design sprint.

30 January 2018 – Google design sprint tips, & more

Check out our Google design sprint case study on the official Sprint Stories website. This issue also has tips for using human psychology to design UIs that users love. You’ll also find out about ways your dev team can work together today to save time and money tomorrow.

16 January 2018 – New tools for the New Year

The first issue of Boost News for the New Year focuses on new tools. Among these tools is a new SEO guide from Google and a case study on how to test if a new idea will work. And we also look at ctags, a tool to help developers save money by speeding up debugging complex code bases.


12 December 2017 – Writing tips, industrial Agile, Santa’s secrets, & more

In the celebration issue of Boost News we check out Santa’s Agile scorecard. You’ll also get writing tips for content promoting your organisation and find out about Agile for teams doing industrial-scale work. On top of that, hear how Minister Clare Curran celebrated sites we built.

28 November 2017 – Video chat tips, team talks, & more

This issue of Boost News talks about talking. You’ll get tips for video chats, an insight into the benefits of one-on-one meetings and a retrospective view of whole-company retrospectives. We also have suggestions for conference talks you might want to watch online.

14 November 2017 – How collaboration gets better results

Find out how collaboration can turn your team into stars. There’s a range of practical tools, tips and demos. There’s also a case study on how merging organisations can unite their digital resources. And you’ll also find out how developers and product owners can work together to combat entropy in software.

31 October 2017 – The User Experience issue

This issue focuses on UX or User Experience: how someone feels when they use something. Great products and services have great UX. But how can you learn what kind of experience your customers want, and how do you deliver that experience?

17 October 2017 – Partnering with a giraffe, & more

Read a case study on how Harold the giraffe and his colleagues at Life Education found the Agile development process. You can also learn about the Te Papa digital skills panel. If you’re after Agile Training, check out which package suits your aims and experience.

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