Government Marketplace: Digital experience services procurement

By Nick Butler

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Public servant using the government Marketplace for the procurement of digital experience services.

We’re delighted that Boost has been selected as a supplier of choice on Pae Hokohoko, the government Marketplace.

This is great news because it makes it easier for public sector agencies to work with us to deliver positive lasting impacts for the people of New Zealand.

Benefits of the Government Marketplace for state agencies

Government Marketplace logoThe all-of-government Marketplace is designed to simplify procurement for the state sector. Suppliers such as Boost have been pre-assessed based on our business record, key personnel, experience, capability and security.

This makes it simpler to engage suppliers and keeps costs down. Rather than run through the full government procurement process, you can simply select the Marketplace supplier that will deliver you the best results.

Here’s a simple guide to government procurement.

Services that Boost offers on the Marketplace

The Government Marketplace divides services into channels and catalogues. You’ll find the services Boost offers in the Digital Experience (DX) Services catalogue of the Consultancy and Professional Services channel.

In the DX catalogue, you’ll find our user-centred Agile software development services divided into these categories:

  1. Analytics & SEO
  2. Application Testing
  3. Back-end Development
  4. Change Management Services
  5. Content Design
  6. Front-end Development
  7. Information Architecture
  8. Native Application Development
  9. Project Management Services
  10. User Insight
  11. Visual Design

At Boost, we reduce risk by developing working software in short iterations. We can then user test our work in progress to make sure it delivers the outcomes required. Building this working software utilises many or all of our Marketplace services at the same time, so we typically provide these services as an integrated package.

Boost’s work for government clients

To find out about the positive impacts our government clients are having, the process we follow and the full suite of the services we offer, check out our Government showcase.

Logos of Boost government clients: Ministry of Social Development, Department of Internal Affairs, Te Puni Kokiri, Ministry of Culture and Heritage, CreativeNZ.

Who can use the Marketplace

All public sector agencies can use the Government Marketplace.

If you’re in doubt, check out MBIE’s list of eligible and mandated agencies.

How to use the Marketplace

If your agency hasn’t signed up to the Government Marketplace yet, here’s what you need to know.

Already signed up? Here’s the four-phase process you follow to pick your supplier:

1. Prepare

Prepare a simple brief covering the outcomes and key skills you need. Then review the relevant Marketplace suppliers and shortlist those that fit the bill.

2. Discover

Check the credentials of the suppliers on your shortlist. These might include references, staff CVs and security clearances if needed.

3. Select

Pick your preferred supplier. Agree on the pricing model (e.g. time and materials or fixed price), then get any approvals your agency requires.

4. Contract

Set up the relevant Agency Purchase Agreement. This might be a standard, a pre-existing or a custom agreement (e.g. an industry standard contract).

Once that’s complete, debrief the suppliers on your shortlist who missed out.

Contact the Marketplace

If you’ve any questions about using the Marketplace, here are their contact details.

Other government procurement initiatives

Boost is also on the All of Government consultancy panel. This makes it simpler for state sector agencies to use our Agile consultancy and training services.

The Marketplace replaces the Web Services Panel.

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