Artificially Awesome: How AI Can Be Your New Best Friend in Software Development and Design

By Sean Romans

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword across various industries, and with good reason. AI is transforming how businesses operate, and companies are eager to harness its power to improve their operations.

In the world of software development and design, AI can be a game-changer, making processes smoother, more efficient, and even more enjoyable. At Boost, we embrace the Agile methodology and always look for ways to improve our processes and outcomes. Recently, we held an AI-focused research and development day where our team identified areas of our business where AI could be used to improve processes and outcomes.

Here are what the teams explored

One group focused on improving search results by extracting keywords, summaries, and dates from unstructured data. They explored how ChatGPT could handle OCR scanned data and validate whether given keywords are relevant for some content.

AI and ChatGPT

Another group looked on enhancing content delivery on the Boost website in the absence of a content editor, exploring how AI can help deliver value earlier and more frequently. They investigated AI-powered solutions to streamline content management and improve the user experience.

A third group experimented with Copilot to improve code quality and streamline development practices. They found that Copilot significantly enhanced the efficiency of their development process, making it easier to write clean and high-quality code.

The fourth group worked on AI-based techniques for refactoring existing codebases. These techniques leverage machine learning and other AI approaches to streamline the larger refactoring tasks they anticipate undertaking.

Finally, the fifth group investigated AI-powered solutions to enhance the finance team’s efficiency, focusing on data analysis, reporting and document management.

In Summary

At Boost, we see AI as a companion – a helpful assistant that can make our work easier, more efficient, and even more enjoyable. By adopting Agile methodology and integrating new technologies, we are eager to see how AI can further enhance our work and drive success.

AI is not a threat to our jobs but a powerful tool that can help us achieve our goals and improve our processes. AI can be a game-changer in the world of software development and design.

So let’s welcome AI as our companion on this journey, and let’s continue to discover and harness its power to drive our success and shape the future of our industry.


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