Boost 2026 is our roadmap for the future. It’s how we’ll make sure we’re helping others have a lasting positive impact, now and in the years ahead.

Gathering at the whiteboard while brainstorming Boost 2026. A Booster coming up with ideas for Boost 2026. Discussing Boost 2026 at our workshop.

Developed together as a team, Boost 2026 sets out six goals

Employee Icon

Employee owned

Be 100%

Co-Ceos Icon


Have co-CEOs, male and female, elected by the team

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50:50 ratio

Have a 50:50 split of male and female staff

Employees Icon

50 employees

Employ 50 people

Profit Icon

20% profit

Be making a 20% profit

Revenue Icon

$10 million

Earn $10 million in revenue per year

A team discussion at our Boost 2026 workshop. Listening to a presentation at the Boost 2026 workshop. Boosters consider suggestions for Boost 2026.
The team at our dinner to celebrate a successful Boost 2026 workshop.