JRuby presentation for WellRailed

By Nathan Donaldson in Development on March 20, 2009

On the 25th of February ’09 I did a brief JRuby presentation on JRuby and how we’re using it at Boost. We’re really excited about some of the capabilities of JRuby.

We’re running a client deployment on Tomcat fronted by IIS, and it was really easy to get everything set up. We wanted to try another deployment on Glassfishv3 with no webserver in front. Unfortunately (and glassfishv3 is still in development) there were two barriers that prevented us doing so :

In conclusion, JRuby isn’t quite ready for our in house projects where we control the deployment, but it is great for Windows deployments. We’ll keep an eye on it. JRuby 1.2 was released just a few days ago with performance increases.

Download the presentation.