Jelly at Boost: Friday co-working for free

By Nathan Donaldson

9 February 2011

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Jelly at Boost is casual co-working in Wellington. Every Friday we open our space for 10 people to work, drink our coffee and steal our wifi for free. We are a small part of a large international movement that started in a Brooklyn apartment with some contractors sharing their lounge. There are now Jellies in over a hundred cities.

Why are we Jellying?
We want to give back to the design and development community. Wellington is a great place to be creative and we want to do our part in making it even better. We want to provide a low key, easy going space where people can get work done.

We’re not on an idealogical mission to join all humanity in loving harmony; though if it did happen, we’d be surprised, very surprised, but we wouldn’t freak out :-).

We’ve had some great feedback from the first Jelly last Friday, and are looking forward to this week’s Jelly. Space is limited so if you are keen DM us on Twitter (or drop us an email) with your name and what you will be working on (broadly speaking) and we will save you a place.

Hope to see you soon.

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