Scrum meet-up at Boost

By Kirstin in Agile on June 20, 2012

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A few months back we started getting together with our Shanghai office for a fortnightly Scrum forum. For an hour we discuss ideas and issues we encounter in our daily work life as Scrum masters and coaches.

We’ve found our forum really useful in helping each other to further develop as Scrum practitioners, and now we’d like to start opening our doors to Scrum  practitioners outside Boost. We’ve organised a meet-up, it’s a Scrum lunch, and we’ve called it Scrunch. Having given our meet-up a catchy name we’re now looking for Scrum coaches and Scrum masters (but all Scrum practitioners are welcome) to come along and share their experiences. This will be a lightly facilitated chance to share & discuss the successes, challenges and opportunities you’re facing working with Scrum teams.

Bring your own lunch and Boost will supply soft-drinks (we have cola & creaming soda!), tea & coffee.

How it works

Each session will have a facilitator who will be responsible for timekeeping to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Sign up

We’d love for you to join us for our first meet up on Wednesday 27th of June 12pm, visit our Scrunch meet-up page for more info and to sign up.