Taking Scrum to Shanghai, China

By Nathan Donaldson in Agile on June 19, 2012

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In an ever more competitive world, Agile and Scrum are fast becoming necessities. We’re started a new company in Shanghai, China to support Chinese organisations as they adopt Scrum and work towards being Agile.

We’ve been on the ground in Shanghai for just four months now. This is my third trip and the city is as vibrant and exciting as always. The thing that strikes me most about Shanghai is the energy, this vibrant, bustling community where anything is possible.

My commute just got longer.

When I am talking to people about our new office in Shanghai they, invariably, have one question: “Why China?”. It’s an easy question to answer, but not as easy to understand without having visited China in the last few years. When we were considering a move into the Chinese market we considered the pros and cons, looked at the risks and opportunities and, as much as we could, undertook due diligence. None of this prepared me for our exploratory trip in October last year. As soon as we hit the ground the opportunity became real. The entreprenurial spirit in China is palpable.

We are currently working with two startups in Shanghai, providing them with the support to become Agile and to experience the improved focus, transparency and productivity that Scrum delivers. Last week we attended the Shanghai Scrum gathering and met a host of new Agilistas. It was an interesting and exciting time and we came away with new friends and new ideas.

If you are interested in what we are doing in China, or would just like to chat about the opportunities and challenges in this burgeoning new market, get in touch for a coffee and a chat.