Scrum and the Boost website, the evolution continues

By Kirstin in Agile Development on August 10, 2012

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We’ve just completed Sprint 4 of our Scrum and our site has evolved in some obvious and not so obvious ways.


We’ve added a client testimonial feature to the sidebar:

Our alliances

The sidebar now displays our ties with organisations such as WorldBlu (Democratic workplaces), Agile Alliance, Drupal Alliance and the Scrum Alliance:

Blog design

Our blog, built in WordPress, has had a tweak to bring it in line with the current website design. Although a future story will deal with a blog redesign along with the full website design, we’ve changed the header now in order to provide more consistency between the website and the blog:

Deployments and code merging

Behind the scenes we’ve made changes to make deployments and code merging easier and faster. The goal is to be able to potentially release software including all but the last few hours work, at any time. Deployment is now handled by Webistrano and we’ve also set up a GIT repository for code management.

Check back here for updates as we continue to release features as they are completed.