Scrummaker, or, building a new Agile product in two days

By courtney in Agile Development on October 08, 2012

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On Thursday and Friday October 4 and 5, Boost closed its doors for an all-hands two-day product development workshop, to build a new tool for teams running Agile retrospectives that we’ve named Scrummaker.

The purpose of the workshop was three-fold. We wanted to build a new product. We wanted to build a new product as a team. And we wanted to build a new product as a team using the Agile practices we’ve been working with now for about six years.

We’re now publishing a series of blog posts to record the two days of product development: what we made, and how we did in. The blog posts are only the beginning; we also had a crew of student filmmakers along for the two days, recording all the goings-on for a short documentary.

The first posts will cover the project lead-in: customer validation of our product ideas, the experience mapping workshop we ran to generate the user stories for the product backlog, the time-boxed technical discussion the team held to ensure we’d hit Thursday morning ready to work. There’s a post on the project kick-off, and then the meat of the series: what we learned from two days of compressed Scrum, and the product we came out of the end of the process with.

So grab a cup of whatever makes you happy and settle in for the read ….

  1. Customer validation for Scrummaker
  2. Experience mapping workshop
  3. Technical discussion
  4. Project kick-off