Ringing out the red – making the most of the Boost blog

By Bradley

12 December 2013

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Having a blog is a very effective way to get exposure and build your brand.

Your blog gives you a chance to share your work in a more in-depth and meaningful way. You can share your process, your knowledge and constantly communicate and grow with your community.

If you’re going to have a meaningful presence it should not only contain great content, it should also look great.

About 2 months ago our MD, Nathan came to me and said the current blog design needed to be less red. I sat at my desk and looked at it for a good while. A simple cosmetic change wasn’t going to be enough to mend this broken heart. I decided what the heck, I’m going to completely redesign the Boost Blog.

The old tomato once known as the Boost blog
The old tomato once known as the Boost blog

Any spare time my developer colleague Sam and I had was spent working on the new blog design with a focus on:

  • Readability
  • Responsive design
  • Highlighting Boost’s biggest asset (our team)

To make our blog a more readable experience I threw away the alarming amount of red and instead used color to draw your eye, highlight and show relation between the elements. I focused on subtlety and slight tonal differences (your eyes can relax now) to create a design that is much more calming and approachable.

Our blog is now fully responsive to work on any browser width, with a focus for mobile, tablet, desktop and also those with an abnormally large bowser window.

A blog post in mobile view
A blog post in mobile view

We also wanted to highlight the hardworking and passionate Boost team by giving each blog author a profile image and small work bio ( these will drop down when you click on their beautiful mug’s) to make the blog just a little more personable.

I am really happy with the new blog! I believe we’ve created something pretty… well, pretty.

We hope you enjoy the new blog and we’d love to hear your feedback on it via the comments! : )

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