Boost leading the way in ibeacon technology

By Kirstin in Other on December 04, 2013

Apple recently announced the introduction of iBeacon technology. Wikipedia describes iBeacon technology as ‘a technology that enables an iOS device or other hardware to send push notifications to iOS devices within close proximity’. Here at Boost we immediately saw the potential for retailers both small and large to use iBeacon technology to increase brand loyalty. Our first step was deciding where to start. Given that here in Wellington we’re  surrounded by world class coffee, the obvious choice was cafés, so we created Royalty – the world’s easiest coffee card app. Royalty
We all hold multiple cardboard coffee loyalty cards in our wallets, and we knew that this micro location technology could provide a frictionless experience while helping us manage our many coffee loyalty cards. We’ve now successfully launched Royalty at Vic Books’ café at Victoria university here in Wellington and we’re signing up more cafés every day. At the same time we’ve moved on to building a platform to support this technology in large retail spaces. One the best aspects of creating an app to utilise iBeacon technology is that customers are truly committed to your brand and receiving offers as they must download the app to participate. If you’d like to know more about iBeacon technology and how it might help you grow your business, get in touch by calling us on 04 939 0062 or emailing us at [email protected].