Guest post: Playing The Kanban game

By Kirstin in Agile on December 04, 2013

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Garreth Morgan and 2 of his colleagues from ikeGPS here in Wellington recently joined us to play The Kanban Game. Playing with two games and two teams was great for giving us all that competitive edge we needed to push us that little bit further. Garreth was kind enough to give us some feedback on his experience of playing the game and we’d now like to share that in this post:

Findings from The Kanban game

The Importance of Metrics

We felt we could have used metrics better in the game (and in our day to day work) to help make decisions:


Keeping track of value added

It would have been nice to track how much real value we were getting out of High, Medium and Low value tasks as it would have aided decision making when prioritising tasks. Although the actual value is realised as soon as tasks are deployed in the game, we could have looked at this a lot more closely for future rounds of the game.


On reflection we feel that we could have improved communication throughout the game and noted the following points:

Daily decision making

The game required us to make decisions on a ‘daily’ basis and during the course of the game we made the following observations:


Overall we felt The Kanban board game was a great learning tool and we believe it would be of value to our team to buy one for ourselves if we decide to do more Kanban in the future.

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