The direction I want to take MVP’s

By Bradley

16 March 2015

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Below is a really great read about Minimum Viable Products’s (MVP’s). Different MVP types, when to use them and how not to treat MVP’s.


This is the direction I want to start taking my MVP’s using Invision, wire-framing and design all in one pot together.

Invision is a really good design prototyping tool. It has a great feature where you can load in your designs and to those designs add page to page interactions. this creates a clear visualisation of how the interface is going to work, function and look.

While working on my next interface I am going to take this process a step back and build upon it incrementally starting at the wireframes. Once the team/client are happy with a wireframe/interaction I will create it’s design and swap out the wireframe. This will create a combo of wireframes and designs being glued together with interaction until we are left with the final design. I am hoping the team/client will see a very transparent and organic visual growth for the product. Being able to comment, discuss and come to something we are all happy with and not surprised by.

Check out the Quickcast examples below going from wireframes to designs.

Video of wireframes

Video of designs which replaced wireframes

Let me know what you think of my direction and If you’ve done something like this before, how it worked for you.


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