How getting involved led to better outcomes for our client

By Sarah


‘It’s liberating!’ said Diane Pivac, Head of Audience at Ngā Taonga, when we asked her to describe what it’s like to work with Boost. Our 5-step development process works to her benefit: she says always knows what’s happening, she can makes changes as she goes, and she has control over how she spends her money.


“It’s so much more satisfying. The more involved I am, the more I understand the project. The process makes me interrogate what I’m doing and why I’m doing it – to think from the user’s perspective.”

What did Diane enjoy most? Stand ups (very short meetings to check on progress and priorities) were the highlight of her day, and they helped build trust and communication across the team.

Great clients produce great results!

Diane is a great client, and her drive to collaborate delivers outstanding results for her customers and fantastic value for her organisation. We were able to deliver more value and less risk for Diane on the Anzac Sights and Sounds website by prioritising her requirements and delivering them in stages.

“Boost’s process means I agree to features as they are built instead of taking delivery at the end of the project, only to find I’m stuck with bits I don’t like or that don’t work as I want them to.”

We broke her project into short cycles of design and development, focusing on solving the highest priority features. With each cycle, we added more and more features, until she confirmed we’d delivered her project outcomes.

More value with less risk

Thanks to our 5-step process, clients get the benefits of:

  • strategic, creative thinking focused on connecting you with your customers
  • seeing working software frequently and approving features as they are built
  • prioritising and even altering their requirements as they see the product take shape
  • having control over what we build and how their budget is spent.

We’re chuffed to be strengthening Ngā Taonga’s digital relationships and connecting New Zealanders with their audiovisual heritage.

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