Railsn00bs gets a boosted presence

By Sarah


Taylor Lodge 1
Taylor’s flatmate wanted a different meeting space for the Railsn00bs October meet-up, so Taylor put forward Boost’s office for the gathering and co-hosted the four-hour Saturday afternoon event of 15-30 developers.

There are about 200 people on the meet-up mailing list for Railn00bs. The October session was the eighth meet-up for the group, Taylor’s second as a participant and first as host.

Railsn00bs is for people interested in learning Ruby on Rails, or programming in general.

There’s a bit of an introduction to Rails at each one, with projects that people can work on posted to ‘The Wall’.

“It’s something that people can work on that they control. If people want to do a personal project and get some help to do it better they can”, he says.

There’s a flexible approach to what is currently a three weekly meeting and interaction, and Taylor hopes to host again at Boost.

“Railn00bs is a bit like Agile. It’s about collaboration, going about things better, not just blindly forging ahead.”

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