Wellington Ruby on Rails developer jobs

By Nick Butler


A Boost developer working with a designer and product owner, showing the collaborative nature of these Wellington Ruby on Rails developer jobs.

Looking for Wellington Ruby on Rails developer jobs that give you the chance to make a difference every day? Look no further.

Join a tight-knit team who take care of each other, take the time to have fun and only take on projects that make the world a better place.

Employer: Boost

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Who you’ll work with: Meet the team

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“After a month of working at Boost, I can safely say I’m excited to go to work every day, grateful to be part of a workplace which is so purpose-driven and supportive, and thankful for the wonderful team members who have made me immediately feel at home.” — Daniela

Person description

We’re looking for Ruby on Rails developers who share our core values, and who enjoy:

  • work that makes the world a better place
  • solving complex problems
  • developing elegant, efficient, high-quality code
  • learning and improving all the time
  • collaborating with clients and colleagues to consistently deliver results.

While it’s prefered, you don’t need experience as a Ruby on Rails developer. Find out more about the benefits of learning Ruby on Rails.

What Ruby on Rails developer jobs look like at Boost

The work is collaborative, varied and satisfying. Here’s an overview of what the role looks like here and what you can expect day to day.

Your key responsibilities will be:

  • working closely with our clients and designers to deliver solutions to complex problems
  • iteratively delivering projects that make New Zealand a better place
  • developing high quality and well-tested code
  • improving our Continuous Delivery pipeline, (using Github actions and Gitlab CI) automating tests, linters, security and accessibility audits and deployments
  • managing our clients’ infrastructure as part of your day-to-day job — as a self-sufficient Agile team we don’t have separate DevOps staff
  • continuously learning and sharing knowledge to grow the development team capabilities.

A day as a Ruby on Rails developer at Boost could include:

  • solving interesting and complex problems on bespoke Rails projects
  • using libraries and frameworks such as React, Vue.js, Foundation and UIKit
  • managing our clients’ applications in Docker, using either Kubernetes or AWS ECS
  • collaborating with our designers to build beautiful interfaces that maximise user experience and accessibility
  • doing code reviews or pairing with your fellow developers
  • Agile meetings with the client and your team, such as daily stand-ups, sprint planning, backlog refining and sizing project work
  • giving the client a demo of your latest working features at the fortnightly sprint review.

Why join Boost as a Ruby on Rails developer?

It’s a great place to work. In fact, we won the Team Gold award for the best team culture in Wellington.

Here are some of the things that make working at Boost special.

TinyPulse Happiest IT Workplace Award badgeJoin the happiest IT team around

Because happy teams are more productive and productive teams are happier, we survey everyone each month to find out how happy they are at work. This helps us identify ways we can improve.

We know the team is happy because TinyPulse, the engagement tool we use, recently gave us an award as one of the happiest IT companies in the world.

ICAgile certification ssealWork with the Agile delivery experts

For many Ruby on Rails developers, Agile is the methodology of choice. That’s because it’s the best way to harness Rail’s ability to deliver working software early and often.

Because Boost are globally-recognised Agile experts, you get to work:

  • in high-performing Agile teams, delivering valuable software sprint after sprint
  • at a sustainable pace with no overtime, no weekend work, no end-of-project marathons.

WorldBlu freedom-centred workplace badgeThrive in a high-trust environment

Not only do you not get micro-managed, you don’t have a manager. At Boost, we work in self-organising teams. We’re a WorldBlu-certified freedom-centred workplace, so everyone is empowered to deliver the best results for our clients and the company.

You drive your own career development. Every second Friday is devoted to self-selected Research and Development projects and you get to pick the training and conferences that will maximise your capabilities. If there’s something you need to do your job, you just grab the credit card and buy it.

Why become a Ruby on Rails developer

While we’d prefer you to have experience as a Ruby on Rails developer, it’s not essential. If you don’t, here’s why it’s worth joining Boost and adding Rails to your toolkit.

So, what is Ruby on Rails? Ruby on Rails is a web application development framework. The Ruby programming language is optimised for developer happiness and the Rails framework is optimised for rapid development.

Rails speeds up development by automating repetitive tasks, favouring convention over configuration and sharing community-built software gems.

This means that developing in Rails is easier and more fun.

  • You can start delivering customer benefits fast, so it’s satisfying.
  • It’s a mature, open-source ecosystem, so it’s easy to get support.
  • Testing is well-supported, so you can develop with confidence.
  • Ruby favours clarity and self-documenting code, so it’s easy to collaborate.

Need more reasons? Here’s a nice summary of why it’s worth learning Ruby on Rails.

Boost has been using Rails since 2006. Our team of Ruby on Rails developers have worked on over 100 Rails applications, so we’ve got the experience to get you up to speed. And our friendly, collaborative approach makes learning fun.

Greg.“The best onboarding experience that I’ve had in any job. I’ve been blown away by the lengths Boost goes to to create a wonderful culture.” — Greg

Wellington Ruby on Rails developer jobs

Because Ruby on Rails is an established framework, there are a number of Rails shops here in Wellington. These include:

Interested? Take us for a test-drive first

If you’re interested, join us for our next Test-drive Boost event. You’ll get to meet the developers, designers and Agile coaches you’ll be working with, and find out for yourself what Ruby on Rails developer jobs look like at Boost.

Here’s how previous test-drivers found the evening:

“The most impressive interview experience I’ve ever had.”

“Exceptional…I felt very welcome, included and I thoroughly enjoyed the event.”

“A fantastic way to get a gauge on how employees feel about working for the company.”

“If the Test Drive evening is any indication of Boost’s company philosophy … I very much want to be a Booster.”

“After reading about Boost’s culture, environment, and values, I was very interested to see how it felt in real life. It almost seemed too good to be true. But I was blown away … You guys truly have a great thing going!”

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