Test-drive Boost — how you get a job with us

By Nick Butler


Illustration showing candidates collaborating at a Test-drive Boost event.

Looking for work that makes the world a better place? Here’s how you can test-drive Boost before you decide if you’ll join the team.

The Test-drive Boost process is in two stages:

  1. Collaborative hiring evening
  2. Working interview

The idea is to make applying for a job active, fun and informative. Choosing where you work is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. The more you know about a job, the better your decision. This way you get to try us out before you sign on the dotted line.

For Boost, it’s a chance to learn more about you and how you work with others. It lets our whole team have a say in who we work with. And it will help us build a team who share the same purpose and values.

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Currently we’re on the lookout for a Studio Coordinator, a Team Coordinator, a UI/UX Designer and a Software Developer.

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Collaborative hiring evening

The collaborative hiring evening runs after work, usually from around 6.00 to 8.00.

It’s your chance to meet the team and find out how we work by taking part in a series of collaborative activities.


  • Meet the Boost team
  • Snacks, pizza, mingling
  • Intro to Boost
  • Paired collaborative activities x3

Paired collaborative activities

For each of the three exercises, you’ll pair up with another candidate at random. They may be a developer, a designer, an Agile coach or up for any other role we’re recruiting for.

You’ll join a Booster at a table and they’ll give you written instructions for the first of your three exercises. The Booster will just be an observer and won’t take part.

You’ll get 20 minutes to complete each exercise, with a break in between.

At Boost we measure success as a team rather than as individuals. Your goal will be to support your partner to succeed. Their success is your success.

Illustration showing the collaborative activities at a Test-drive Boost event.

Working interview

The Boost team will then get together to collectively choose who we invite back for a working interview.

If you’re selected for a working interview, you’ll spend a day at Boost. This will give you a better picture of what it’s like to work here. And it gives us a better picture of what it’s like to work with you.


  • Welcome and intro to the day
  • Tour the office to see how we work
  • Working exercise 1
  • Lunch with your Boost buddy and chillout time
  • Working exercise 2
  • Interview, your questions and wrap up

What it’s like to test-drive Boost

Daniela.Here’s how Daniela, our newest developer, found the experience:

“After I came to the group evening I thought, that’s really cool,” she says. “I felt aligned with the values and it was so much fun. I really like working with other people, so doing those group activities was awesome. And the pizza was a bonus.

“Then I came back for the working interview. I told all my friends that I had such a good day, I’ll be so disappointed if I don’t get that role. But obviously I made it!

“I’d interviewed for another job, and they were going to offer me the role, but I had no clue what my day-to-day would look like. It was cool coming in and being able to see everything, do some work and interact with people.”

And here’s what other test-drivers had to say:

  • “If the Test Drive evening is any indication of Boost’s company philosophy, with regard to workplace structure and relations, then I very much want to be a Booster.”
  • “The most enjoyable interview type experience I’ve been to. I felt much more relaxed and natural solving problems with someone, rather than feeling under the spotlight in a traditional interview.”
  • “Mingling with the Boost team was a fantastic way to get a gauge on how employees feel about working for the company.”
  • “After reading about Boost’s culture, environment, and values, I was very interested to see how it felt in real life. It almost seemed too good to be true. But I was blown away … You guys truly have a great thing going!”

Why do we hire like this?

It’s both in line with our purpose and values, and it helps us hire people who share this vision.

Our purpose is to support others to create a positive and lasting impact. That means we want to hire people who get a kick out of collaborating to create a better world.

As an Agile shop, we measure progress by putting working software through its paces. In the same way, we pick employees by watching them work.

Because happiness and productivity go hand in hand, we want to be New Zealand’s happiest workplace. And that means we have to make sure you’ll be happy here. So, as a freedom-centred democratic workplace, we’ve empowered the whole team to design and run the Test-drive Boost process. This way, both Boost and everyone wanting to work here have the chance to see each other in action.

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