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Boosters discussing Wellington Agile coach jobs.

Energising servant leaders with outstanding people skills, these are the Wellington Agile coach jobs for you!

Boost develops web and mobile applications that help our clients have positive and lasting impacts. If you’re an Agile coach / Scrum master / Team coordinator who wants to make the world a better place, we’d love you to join us in our sunny Wellington studio.

Employer: Boost

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Who you’ll work with: Meet the team

Join a team who love working together to make the world a better place

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Boost Agile Lead Rebecca Jones.“The thing I love about being a coach is you get to support other people to be their best.”

— Agile Lead Rebecca Jones

Agile coach, Scrum master, Team coordinator — What’s in a name?

It’s hard to know what to call this role. Helping teams be Agile and use Scrum is important, but you’re more than an Agile coach or Scrum master. Coordinating teams matters, but energising them is just as important. Maybe we should call the role Team energiser.

Person description

We’re looking for positive, enthusiastic Wellington-based Agile coaches who share our core values.

You will love:

  • energising, leading and nurturing high-performing teams
  • helping others be the best they can
  • spotting what people need and making sure they get it
  • quickly adapting to change
  • varied roles
  • learning every day.

Attitude matters more than experience

What matters most is the kind of person you are, not the type of work you’ve done. Because Boost are NZ’s Agile experts, you’ll be able to learn on the job.

​​What Agile coach jobs look like at BoostBoost Agile coach Ruka Yamakami.

“I think servant leadership is the most important value to have as an Agile coach … you’re there to look after the team.”

— Agile coach, Ruka Yamakami

Agile coaches are servant leaders. You lead the team by making sure they have everything they need to succeed.

Your key responsibilities will be to:

  • confidently facilitate projects, meetings and workshops
  • run courses and learning sessions on the Agile way of working
  • make sure clients, developers and designers work tightly as a team
  • keep learning how you and your team can be more effective
  • continuously transform something strong into something superb.

A day as an Agile coach at Boost could include:

  • facilitating projects and meetings
  • regular communication with clients and colleagues to keep everyone in the loop
  • helping clients and colleagues clarify, prioritise and plan the work ahead
  • keeping everything on track as circumstances change
  • spotting and removing blocks to your team’s progress
  • fostering strong relationships with individuals and teams
  • generating enthusiasm for new Boost initiatives
  • learning together with your fellow coaches in the Agile team.

Why join Boost as an Agile coach

Here are some of the benefits of getting an Agile coach job at Boost.
ICAgile certification seal

Learn with New Zealand’s Agile experts

As globally-recognised Agile experts, the Agile team at Boost are the perfect people to help you build the skills you need to excel as an Agile coach.

You’ll be learning from ICAgile-certified trainers who work on successful Agile projects every day.

Join a team who love working together

You’ll be part of a tight team of Agile coaches. Boost’s Agile team works collaboratively to find new ways to support their teams and to make Boost stronger. And, crucially, they have fun doing it.

“I love being part of the Agile team, I love the way we work together.” — Rebecca
TinyPulse Happiest IT Workplace Award badge.

Help create one of happiest workplaces around

Because we want Boost to be NZ’s best place to work, we measure team happiness every month. The support the Agile coaches give is a key way we make sure people are happy.

This support must be paying off, because the company we use to track team engagement gave us an award as one of the world’s happiest workplaces.

Work that makes the world a better place

Because these are Wellington Agile coach jobs, and Boost has a slate of exciting government projects, every day you’re making a difference for New Zealand and New Zealanders. And because you work on dedicated projects, you get the satisfaction of seeing the positive impacts you’re having.
WorldBlu freedom-centred workplace badge

Thrive in a high-trust environment

Boost is a WorldBlu-certified freedom-centred workplace. This means you get to own and shape your role.

If you like having the opportunity to experiment and grow, Boost is for you.

“I really like the creative side of being a coach.” —  Ruka

Don’t take our word for it, take us for a test-drive

If you’re interested, join us for our next Test-drive Boost event. You’ll get to meet the developers, designers and other Agile coaches you’ll be working with, and find out for yourself what Agile coach jobs look like at Boost.

Here’s how previous test-drivers found the evening:

“The most impressive interview experience I’ve ever had.”

“Exceptional…I felt very welcome, included and I thoroughly enjoyed the event.”

“A fantastic way to get a gauge on how employees feel about working for the company.”

“If the Test Drive evening is any indication of Boost’s company philosophy … I very much want to be a Booster.”

“After reading about Boost’s culture, environment, and values, I was very interested to see how it felt in real life. It almost seemed too good to be true. But I was blown away … You guys truly have a great thing going!”

Join a team who love working together to make the world a better place

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