Kanban case study: How leveraging Lean levelled up a team

By Nick Butler


Izzy presenting her Leaning into Kanban case study.

This Kanban case study shares what Boost developer Izzi Anastasiadis learnt about leveraging Lean to get more out of the Kanban framework.

In the case study, Izzi shows:

  • how Kanban and Lean fit together and where they differ
  • how going back to Lean first principles transformed her team’s practice
  • the insights this approach triggered
  • the benefits her team gained
  • practical tips for getting these benefits.

The genesis of Izzi’s Kanban case study

Before joining us at Boost, Izzi was working in a Kanban team developing software. They’d been doing Kanban for a while, but it wasn’t really working. Izzi had stepped into the squad master role, so was looking for ways to improve.

She talked to an Agile guru at the company and the guidance she got was the trigger for change.

To strengthen their Kanban practice, they went back to Lean basics. As the case study shows, the results were exciting. To share what she’d learned, Izzi presented this Kanban case study to her wider team. When she shared it with us at Boost, we found it really useful, so we thought we’d put it out there for the wider world.

Kanban case study presentation

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