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By Nick Butler in Agile Development Other on January 27, 2020

Team enjoying a free discovery workshop.

A project discovery workshop is a collaborative, practical, structured session in which you define the outcomes for your project and how you’ll achieve them. Find out whether you’re eligible for a free discovery workshop that will prime your project for success.

A project discovery workshop can be the difference between success and failure. It’s a key part of the preparation needed to make sure your project is ready to commence. Because, if you don’t have a shared understanding of what success looks like, the odds are you won’t get to see it.

Boost’s discovery workshops are a little bit famous. They’re part of the secret sauce that makes our projects successful. So far, nearly 5000 people have downloaded our Kick-off kit, our guide to running your own discovery workshop.

Rocky Webster found the free discovery workshop was key to starting their project on the right foot.



“The discovery workshop was the key to starting our project on the right foot.”

Rocky Webster, Product Owner, FinCap



What your free discovery workshop will deliver

Our discovery and planning workshops make sure your project delivers the impact you need. You get to:

Are you eligible?

Only some projects are eligible for this offer. Specifically, the project must be set up to have a positive and lasting impact. How do you do this?

Firstly, your organisation must be:

Secondly, your project must be:

Learn more and check if your project fits the bill.

Note that you don’t need to be an existing client to be eligible. You also don’t need to commit to work with us on the project itself.

Contact us to check if you’re eligible

Why we offer free discovery workshops

Our purpose as a company is: Supporting others to create a positive and lasting impact.

We can do this by helping get any project with a positive impact off the ground, even if we don’t deliver the project ourselves. That said, our collaborative Agile processes and technical expertise mean that projects we do deliver tend to have a greater impact.

Customising your discovery workshop activities

Our discovery workshops are a structured sequence of activities run by experienced facilitators. Because we have tested and refined a number of activities, we can pick those most appropriate to your team and task. As a result, the content and timings for each workshop can be customised to your specific project.

We select activities that deliver results because they are collaborative, transparent, practical, fast and fun.

Example activities include:

Here’s an example project kick-off agenda.

Deliverables from your discovery workshop

From these activities, you’ll get a set of deliverables that:

Securing your free discovery workshop

Because these workshops are resource intensive for our team, we have to limit the number we run. The earlier you contact us, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to fit you in.

Apply for your workshop now

Do you know someone with a project that will deliver a positive and lasting impact? If so, feel free to share this offer with them as well.