About us

We are a team of technology professionals designing and building web and mobile apps from our office in central Wellington. We love thinking, collaborating and creating with clients who, like us, want to make New Zealand a better place.

The Boost crew includes three designers, fourteen developers, three Agile coaches and a feature writer, supported by HR, finance, studio and business development managers. The team is led by Nathan Donaldson, CEO and founder of Boost.

Our team happiness rating

We want Boost to be the best place to work in New Zealand, so every month we ask the team how happy they are at work. Here’s the running average of our past four surveys.

Meet the team

Clarisa Ambal
Finance Manager
Andy Gray
Innovation Lead
Ben Aluan
Darren Pangan
Emma Dyson
Edwin Rozario
Gustavo Motizuki
Solutions Support
James Nicolle
Business Development Manager
Katherine Nagels
Jonathan Martinez
Lauren Carey
Agile Coach
Monty Anderson
Mette Harker
Nathan Donaldson
Chief Executive Officer
Nick Butler
Feature Writer
Nick Schuler
Natalie Foley
HR Manager
Oliver Stigley
Paul Mesnilgrente
Richard Matthews
Rebecca Jones
Agile Lead
Tim Wright
Ruka Yamakami
Agile Coach
Yar Htut
Shahne Sturzaker
Yin Jie Hor
Studio Manager

How we got here

We started in 2000 as a two-person company designing and building websites and CD-ROMs. We were motivated by our belief that people deserve products they love to use. We quickly became known for our collaboration with clients, strong concept development and focus on the customer's needs.

Technology doesn't stand still, and neither have we. The industry has evolved, and what we do has changed. However, experience has merely strengthened our founding beliefs and approach to software development.

In 2011, after seeing Agile deliver better teamwork, higher productivity and greater business value at Boost, we began training and coaching in Agile and Lean. Drawing on our years of experience managing software projects, we support our clients to build their own capability to deliver better software, faster.

Today, we specialise in web and mobile application development using collaboration as the means of managing projects and delivering quality.

Our Partnerships

Worldblu logo

We are very proud to be one of around 50 companies worldwide to be certified by WorldBlu as a freedom-centred workplace, and the first in New Zealand.

WorldBlu only certifies teams that pass a rigorous assessment against the 10 Principles of Organisational Democracy, confirmation that we’ve created a culture at Boost that is open, honest and empowering.

Being an organisational democracy supports how we work with clients by bringing collaboration into all levels and aspects of our workplace.


We’ve partnered with Contentful to provide a content management solution built for the modern world.

Contentful is an API-based cloud Content as a Service platform that keeps backend content separate from frontend presentation. This gives you a platform that’s easy to maintain, scale and secure. It lets you manage your content in one place and distribute it across all your channels. Your content editors get an intuitive editor and powerful workflows. Your developers get the flexibility to develop at speed, integrating multiple applications and using the technology stack that best meets their needs.